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The Sampleist - Ample China Collection - Composing With - Review

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Ample Sound China collection consists of six beautifully sampled Chinese instruments, performed by experts in their field. These instruments are capable of not only producing rich cinematic scores, but also authentic, rustic Chinese performances. With articulations galore, this collection is all you need to give your compositions an eastern feel.

Quick Facts:

Contains the Dadi, Zheng, Erhu, Dongxiao, Pipa and Quidi.

Downloads at just under 40GB.

Each instrument runs in their own self contained instrument.

The whole collection costs $479 as a bundle or can be purchased individually.

0:00 Intro

1:11 Instrument Overview

20:21 Composition

22:42 Composing With China Collection

34:27 Thoughts and outro

All instruments available at

Huge thanks to Ample Sound for providing their wonderful instruments for review purposes!

Go check us out at

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