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The Sampleist - Kwaya by Eduardo Tarilonte/Best Service - Composing Gem

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Our first Composing Gem is Kwaya by Eduardo Tarilonte who has a knack for creating lush sounding, instant cinema libraries. From the Era series to Forest Kingdom and everything in between, Eduardo Tarilonte libraries are not only incredibly detailed and versatile, they are just plain fun to compose with. Kwaya is an all African vocal consisting of four male vocalists and two female. Not only are there melodic instruments, the plethora of other articulations offer and Eduardo's famous soundscapes make Kwaya a library that needs to be in any composers toolkit.

Quick Facts:

African Vocal library. Downloads at around 5GB.

A range of melodic instruments, soundscapes and vocal articulations such as poems, whispers and shouts.

Runs in the Free Kontakt 5 player and is NKS compatible.

Sells for $259

0:00 Intro

1:30 Instrument Overview

13:21 Composition

15:37 Composing With Kwaya

28:14 Thoughts and Outro

Kwaya is available to purchase at

Go check us out at

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