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The Sampleist - Pacific Ensemble Strings by Performance Samples - Composing With - Updated Review

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Performance Samples have once again put their sampling expertise to brilliant use with Pacific Ensemble Strings. This gorgeous, lush string ensemble is perfect for detailed orchestral compositions and will elevate any film score. Composer Marcus Manderson aka Da Fingaz guides us through this exciting new release.

UPDATE: The previous version of the video had a CC1 malfunction where it was not registering during the overview of the library. This has now been rectified in this new updated review. The demo uses a combination of CC1 and CC11 although the modwheel cannot be seen moving in the instrument despite modulation curves having been used. We would like to thank those who commented alerting us to this fact.


The first instalment of the Pacific Orchestra

Features a fully articulated string section with harp

Recorded in an ambient hall with close and AB (main/far) mics

48kHz / 24bit

NCW-compressed, ~32 GB total

Built for Kontakt 6.6.0 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required

Download via Continuata

Costs $249 loyalty intro (if you own Vista and/or any Con Moto module), $399 normal intro and $599 after intro pricing has ended.

0:00 Intro

1:09 Instrument Overview

20:57 Composition DAWcast

22:44 Composing with Pacific Ensemble Strings

30:16 Thoughts and outro

Pacific Ensemble Strings can be bought directly from

Our special thanks to Performance Samples for supplying a review copy of the library. If you are enjoying the content, feel free to buy us a coffee. We don’t charge developers for advertising or use affiliate links, we just do this for the love of making music. While we are provided with review copies from the wonderful developers, we also purchase a lot of libraries for our videos. Your contribution will help grow the channel, but of course, there is no obligation!

Keep making that music!

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