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The Sampleist - Synchron Fazioli F308 by Vienna Symphonic Library - Composing With - Review

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Vienna Symphonic Library are adding to their stellar line of Synchron pianos with the huge Fazioli F308. The Fazioli boasts not only rich timbres and impressive build size, a unique feature is a fourth pedal. Composer Dan Couper takes us through the beautiful and emotive Fazioli F308.


Fazioli’s flagship concert grand

The world’s largest piano – 308 cm

Recorded on Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna

Fourth pedal for softer playing

11 mic positions for a multitude of timbral variations

Pre-configured mixer presets

Standard Library downloads at 173.8GB and costs €245

Full library downloads at 399.9GB and costs €445

Please note the Synchron Fazioli F308 is currently on intro offer until January 16th 2023.

0:00 Intro

1:27 Instrument Overview

17:37 Dawcast

18:30 Thoughts and outro

The Fazioli F308 can be bought directly from

Our special thanks to Vienna Symphonic Library for supplying a review copy of the library.

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