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The Sampleist - OCTA by Chris Hein/Best Service - Composing With - Review

OCTA is the first instrument in the new Mega Structure series. With absolutely stacks of instruments and a powerful engine, there is something for everyone in OCTA. Join Marcus Manderson aka Da Fingaz for a good old walkthrough and a contextual composing with session!

0:00 Intro

1:25 Instrument Overview

24:23 Dawcast

26:24 Composing with OCTA

30:24 Thoughts and outro


Downloads at 23.63GB

100 High Quality Solo Instruments

8 Core Multi Channel Instruments

8 Channel Sequencer

Works in both the free and full version of Kontakt and is NKS compatible

OCTA costs $299 and can be bought directly from

There is a crossgrade from other Chris Hein libraries for $239 until January 31st. Please check Best Service website for more details.

Our special thanks to Best Service for supplying a review copy of the library. If you are enjoying the content, feel free to buy us a coffee. We don’t charge developers for advertising or use affiliate links, we just do this for the love of making music. While we are provided with review copies from the wonderful developers, we also purchase a lot of libraries for our videos. Your contribution will help grow the channel, but of course, there is no obligation!

Keep making that music!

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