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The Sampleist - Revelation Fusion Harp by Sound Yeti - Composing With - Overview

We love a good harp! It's even better when Sound Yeti have put it into their "revelation fusion" series! So not do we get a great organic harp, but then a plethora of sound design options to keep any composer satisfied. With e guidance of Marcus Manderson, aka Da Fingaz, let's explore this enigmatic and beautiful instrument.

Facts: 1 Master NKI template 100 Sound Yeti designed and curated presets/snapshots 2400 Orchestral Pedal Harp samples 50 dynamic sample sources (non pedal harp) 600 designed chromatic samples for textures/pads/layers 1.90 GB of compressed lossless ncw’s 24 custom impulse response reverb environments 58 delay effect presets with instant preset recall system Unlimited user snapshots Runs in Kontakt Player 6

On intro price at $89 until promotion ends. $129 thereafter.

For more information, check out

Our special thanks to Sound Yeti for supplying a review copy of the libraries.

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