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The Sampleist - Spitfire Colossus - First Play - Walkthrough

Spitfire Audio have added to the mighty Albion range with the heavy weight Albion Colossus. This hybrid instrument features both a full symphonic and chamber orchestra with synths, percussion, and drum kits galore. Housed within the Spitfire player, Albion Colossus is everything you need to get a huge, instant cinematic sound. In this first play video, composer Pete Checkley takes you through the many instruments that Albion Colossus contains while discovering the new features contained within. Following this, Pete will compose and give his thoughts after a few weeks in a second video.

Please note, this is a pre-release beta copy of the library.

0:00 Intro

1:38 Low Strings

13:34 High Strings

24:33 Brass

29:45 Horns

31:54 Woodwinds

36:23 Flutes

38:24 Piccolo

39:25 Percussion

44:23 Drums

47:54 Guitars

51:47 Synths

58:26 Thoughts and outro


Downloads at around 110GB

Runs in the free Spitfire Audio player

Contains both symphonic and chamber orchestras

Ensemble and solo sections Percussion, drum kits, synths and guitars

New features such as scale, depth and hype

Intro Price: £299, $349, €349

Our special thanks to Spitfire Audio for supplying a review copy of the library.

Albion Colossus can be bought directly from

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