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The Sampleist - Vienna Symphonic Library 20th Anniversary -Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy -MIR Pro 3D

Vienna Symphonic Library are celebrating 20 years in the virtual instrument making business. With a huge selection of instruments to choose from, VSL celebrating their anniversary with up to 40% off VI series and Synchron-ized instruments. Also included in the sale are MIR products too which after spending a short around of time with, is an incredible piece of software. I'm not just saying that because I like a bit of reverb! It really is an all in one mixing solution which is great fun to use but more importantly produces excellent results. In this introductory videos, watch composer Pete Checkley fool around with a bunch of instruments, MIR Pro 3D and a Sugar Plum Fairy!

Side note: Apologies for my possible fumbling my pronunciation of Tchaikovsky. One of those I thought I got away with at the time then heard it back having made the video! Tchaikovsky fail!

0:00 Intro

0:55 Mock up intro

3:12 Mock Up

5:03 Instrument overview

18:12 MIR Pro 3D

30:54 Thoughts and farewell

My huge thanks to VSL for giving me time limited access to all of their instruments! Amazing!

Head over to to check out everything that is going on during this anniversary celebration! If you are enjoying the content, feel free to buy us a coffee. We don’t charge developers for advertising or use affiliate links, we just do this for the love of making music. While we are provided with review copies from the wonderful developers, we also purchase a lot of libraries for our videos. Your contribution will help grow the channel, but of course, there is no obligation!

Keep making that music!

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