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The Sampleist - World Traveler by UVI - First Play

In the third instalment of the brilliant Quadra series, UVI have added a wanderlust list to Quadra Traveler. Featuring instruments from all over the globe, this quad layer sequencer is everything you need for evocative pulses and motion pads. This "first play" video will show the instrument being used for the first time. With out of the box sounds and a little dive into the mechanics of the instruments, let's have a look at Quadra Traveler*.

*We are aware that Pete used the UK spelling of "traveller" in the video!

0:00 Intro

1:21 Instrument Overview

39:20 Thoughts and outro


Downloads at around 4.3GB

Four layer instrument designed to make sequences and arpeggios

Runs in the free UVI Workstation or Falcon 2

Intro price - €99 Full Price - €199 after Jan 31st

Quadra Traveler can be bought directly from

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Keep making that music!

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